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Travel Insurance Excess

We know you like to be in control of your travel expenses. That's why we've come up with a range of excess options to help you tailor your cover. As well, we don't charge an excess on a range of benefits. Read on to find out more. 



All TINZ plans have a non removable standard excess of $200, except for Already Overseas, which has a $250 excess. However, we do not charge an 
excess on certain benefits including accidental death, permanent disability, resumption of journey,
alternative transport expenses, delayed luggage, loss of income and more. See the table of benefits for full details. 

Want to reduce your premiums?

You can reduce the cost of your policy by doubling the standard excess to $400.
Once you've received a quote from us, just check the 'double excess' box in the additional options section.


Travel insurance excess FAQs


  • Q. Does an excess apply to all claims?
  • No, we do not ask you to pay an excess if you are claiming for accidental death, permanent disability, resumption of journey, alternative transport expenses, delayed luggage or loss of income. To see a full list of benefits where excess applies, please refer to the table of benefits in our Policy Wording.

  • Q. Does my age affect how much excess I pay?
  • Yes, those over 80 years of age may be subjected to higher excesses ranging between $2,000- $5,000. This excess will be shown in the quotation process.

  • Q. Does the same excess apply to all sports and activities?
  • In most cases the standard excess will apply. However, there are a handful of activities where a higher excess is required which include: marathons, martial arts, canyoning, mountain biking, rugby and trekking.

  • Q. Does a different excess apply to high value items?
  • No, the same standard excess of $200 applies to high value items just like any other item you take on holiday with you.

  • q. How many times do I have to pay an excess?
  • With TINZ, excess applies per event, not per claim. For example, if you were hospitalised on holiday you would need to pay the $100 excess when making your claim, if however you needed a follow up hospital appointment for the same medical condition you would not have to pay a second excess. However, you would need to pay the excess twice if you were claiming for two separate events such as lost luggage and a trip to the doctor. 

  • Q. what is rental vehicle excess?
  • Please be aware the rental vehicle excess benefit does not take the place of rental vehicle insurance. We will reimburse you up to $6,000 for any excess or deductible if your rental vehicle is damaged or stolen while you are driving (or while in your custody).