Whether you’re shuffling down the bunny runs or swooshing down a black – there’s one thing that
every skier or snowboarder needs - travel insurance.  
Select our Snow Ski Cover to ensure that you have adequate cover on the slopes.

heli evacuation


If you have a serious accident and need to be rescued or evacuated off the mountain, our snow ski cover has your back.

lift passes

Lift passes
& ski lessons

Don’t lose out on your pre-paid expenses if you have to cancel your ski trip due to injury, illness or bad weather.

bad weather

bad weather
& avalanche

If your journey is delayed more than 12 hours because of avalanche or bad weather, we’ll cover your extra costs for travel & accommodation.

ski gear

ski gear

Ski equipment is expensive. You're covered for theft of your ski gear as long as you've taken proper care of it in the first place.

off piste


We cover off-piste skiing and snowboarding as long as you are with a qualified guide or instructor.

ski equipment

Equipment Hire

We cover for alternative snow and ski equipment following accidental loss, theft or breakage of your snow skiing equipment.

all resorts


You're covered no matter where you're hitting the powder. We cover all ski resorts, as long as it is open and safe.

emergency cover

24/7 emergency

Your health is our number one priority. Our emergency assistance experts are just a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Which winter sports do we cover?

Queenstown, Niseko, Aspen or Whistler; we cover you no matter which resort your powder
heart desires.  Whether you ski, board, or crash, TINZ provides cover for a host of winter
sports activities.  See which winter sports activities we cover below. 


  • cat skiing


    Designated cross country ski routes 

  • heli-skiing

  • ice hockey

  • ice skating

  • mono skiing

  • off piste

    With a professional guide

  • skiing

  • snowboarding

  • snowmobiling

  • tobogganng






Properly protect your holiday with travel insurance from TINZ and get extra cover for your adventure activities, winter trips, luxury items and more.


There are always risks when you travel, even in your home country. Protect your New Zealand holiday with domestic travel insurance and get cover for rental car excess, luggage, personal effects, lost deposits and more.

Family cover

Planning a family adventure? Cover the whole family in one with family travel insurance. PLUS - Kids free!

Adventure Activities

Are your travel plans packed with thrills and spills? Without proper cover, your heart-pounding adventure could leave you with a headache.


Are you travelling with a group of friends, school or club? Travel Insurance New Zealand offers special rates that can save you significant time and money. 

Specific Items

Do you have expensive items that you just can’t leave behind? If you’re planning on taking tech toys, high-end cameras, or designer handbags you can add them to your policy as high value items.


Don’t let a pre-existing medical condition get in the way of your travels. Your health is important to us, which is why we cover 35 existing medical conditions automatically for free. You can also apply to cover additional conditions by assessment.




Do you ski often?

Why not get covered in snow all year round.  If you’re planning several trips this year a frequent traveller policy can save you time and money, both on and off the slopes.

frequent ski annual multi trip ski annual cruise cover

Our annual multi-trip policy covers an unlimited number of trips over a 12 month period. We give you the same level of cover as our comprehensive international plan, meaning you get full coverage for less. You can tailor your individual trip duration from 15 days up to 90 days. Please note this policy is only available for customers under the age of 64.




Ski insurance is designed to insure the average skier or snowboarder who’s enjoying the slopes, not professionals doing backflips, skiing off-piste and taking all sort of crazy risks. Does that sound like you? If you’re not sure, check out these areas where we will not cover you. 

  • Out of bounds:  We will cover you for skiing off-piste, within resort boundaries if you are with a professional guide. However, you will not be covered for skiing off-piste in unpatrolled remote areas or unmarked slopes alone.

Out of season: Skiing outside the official ‘season’ is not covered: 1 December and 15 April for travel to the Northern Hemisphere, or between 15 June and 30 September for travel to the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Professional or competitive skiing: We are unable to cover you for any professional sports of any kind where you are racing, in a competition or tournament. 
  • Ski equipment while in use: Your ski equipment isn't covered while you are using it on the slopes. 


 ski insurance FAQ's

If you’re looking for a ski insurance policy that’s pure powder and not seriously
slushy then check out our helpful FAQ's.

  • Q. Am I covered in the snow if I don't purchase Snow Ski Cover?
  • No, if you are taking part in any kind of winter sports activity, you must purchase our Snow Ski Cover to be covered under our policy.

  • Q. Am I covered off-piste?
  • As long as you're with a qualified guide or instructor within ski resort boundaries, then we will cover you for off-piste skiing. We cannot cover you for skiiing in unpatrolled remote areas or unmarked slopes alone.

  • Q: Do you cover backcountry skiing?
  • No, we consider skiing in unpatrolled remote areas over ungroomed and unmarked slopes too risky.

  • Q: Do you cover heli-skiing?
  • Yes, we do cover heli-skiing provided you purchase our Snow Ski Cover add on.

  • Q. Am I covered if someone steals my ski gear?
  • Yes, provided you have taken proper care of it in the first place. You will need to have a police report and relevant receipts for proof of ownership in the event of a claim.

  • Q: If I wipe-out and break my new skis are they covered?
  • No, your ski equipment isn't covered while you are using it.

  •  Q: Am I covered for emergency helicopter evacuation?
  • Yes, if you have a serious accident or severe illness on the slopes, we will pay for helicopter evacuation to get you to the nearest hospital.

  • Q: What is the age limit for winter sports activities?
  • Whether you are travelling within New Zealand or overseas, you are eligible for Snow Ski Cover if you are aged 64 and under.

  • Q. Can I buy Snow Ski Cover just for the time that I am skiing?
  • Unfortunately not. Snow Ski Cover needs to be purchased for the entire duration of your trip.

  • Q. Can I add ski insurance while I am overseas?
  • You sure can. Winter sports cover can be purchased up to 24 hours before activity commences. You can add ski insurance to your existing policy by logging in to your online account or by phoning our customer call centre on +64 9887 8477. If you don't have an existing policy, you can purchase an Already Overseas Policy and add Snow Ski Cover during the quote process.

  • Q. Am I covered to ski all year round?
  • No, you are only insured to ski in ski season: this would be December 1 and April 15 for travel to the Northern Hemisphere, or between 15 June and 30 September for travel to the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Q. Can I add ski cover to an annual policy?
  • Yes. If you ski often, you can add winter sports to your annual frequent traveller cover.  Snow Ski Cover must be purchased at least 24 hours before activity commences.