how to make a claim

We hope your holiday creates memories for all the right reasons.
However, if you experience bumps in the road, making a travel insurance claim with TINZ is simple as 1, 2, 3!




Download claim form

The easiest way to lodge your claim is by completing our claim form above.  
You will need to submit full details of any claim within 30 days of your return to New Zealand.



Complete the claim form

You can download the PDF form and complete electronically by typing into the fields.
Alternatively, you can print the form and complete by hand.


Gather any evidence & supporting documentation

To process your claim, we are going to need certain documents and evidence from you.
But don’t worry, we’ve kept it simple and only ask for documents that we need.
Documents like medical reports, invoices, purchase receipts and police reports will help support your claim.
You'll find a checklist within each section of the claim form outlining what is required.




Once you have completed the PDF form, please check it thoroughly and send back to us along
with your supporting documentation. You can scan or photograph your supporting documentation
and send to us by email: 
[email protected]


You can post originals to us:

Travel Claims Centre
PO BOX 106-154 Commerce Street
Auckland CITY 1143, New Zealand

If posting, please make copies for your records before sending to us.


claims enquiries

If you would rather speak to us first, we’re happy to help. 
We have a dedicated travel claims team on hand to guide you through the claims process.

You can call us on:

 0800 272 976 (within New Zealand)
(+61) 7 3164 3261 (from Overseas)

8:00am – 8:00pm Monday to Friday

Or you can email: [email protected]


Travel insurance claims FAQ's

  • q. What if it’s an emergency?
  • If you require emergency medical attention overseas (not a general claims enquiry), you should notify us as soon as possible. For emergency assistance or claims under Emergency Medical Expenses Incurred Overseas, you can call +64 9888 9274 from anywhere in the world and reverse the charges.

  • Q. Who pays the medical bill upfront?
  • Medical treatment overseas can be expensive to say the least.  If you are admitted to hospital overseas or expect medical expenses in excess of $2,000 you should contact us as soon as possible.  Depending upon the circumstances of your emergency medical treatment, we may guarantee payment directly with the hospital.

  • Q. How long will it take to process my claim?
  • In most cases your claim will be processed within 10 business days of us receiving a complete claims form, provided that all the necessary documentation is received.

  • Q. How will I know the status of my claim?
  • We’ll process your claim without delay if we have everything we need. We’ll let you know within 10 business days if we need further information or documents to process your claim. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

  • Q. What supporting documents will I need?
  • The documentation required depends upon the nature of your claim. You'll find each section of the claim form provides details on required documentation. Some examples of the information or supporting evidence you may need to provide include:

    • Your original itinerary for claims relating to cancellation or loss of deposits and return travel.
    • Doctors certificates or receipts for medical treatment received.
    • Any police, local authority or airline carrier reports.
    • Receipts or other evidence of expenses paid by you if you incurred additional travel and accommodation expenses.
    • Proof of ownership, receipts, or written repair for personal effects to substantiate your loss.
    • For rental vehicles, rental vehicle claim forms relating to the accident, showing the excess you are liable for and any receipts for excess payment.
  • q. What if I don’t have original receipts?
  • We understand that sometimes you might not be able to provide original receipts for some items. You can still lodge a claim. We’re happy to work with you to find an alternative way for you prove ownership to substantiate your claim.

  • q. I’m on a long trip, can I claim from overseas?
  • If you require emergency medical assistance you must contact us as soon as possible. If your claim in non-medical you may submit the claim while still on your trip or upon your return to New Zealand. Our travel claims consultants are available to help you no matter where you are.