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Travelling is one of the greatest thrills in life and we want you to enjoy the ride without the worry.
At TINZ, we're passionate about providing Kiwi's with the best travel insurance money can buy.
Let TINZ worry about the unexpected stuff. Don't worry, just travel.


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24/7 emergency assitance


At TINZ your health is our number one priority. Our emergency assistance experts are just a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

cancellation cover


Don’t lose out if you have to cancel your trip. We offer cover for cancellation costs if you can no longer travel or have to return home early due to unforeseen events.

travel delays


Airport delays are a common frustration when travelling. Our travel insurance provides you with compensation if you’re delayed for more than six hours.

terrorism cover


 If you’re caught up in an act of terror, we’ll pay for your flight home, cover medical costs and in some cases provide you with reimbursement for trip cancellation.

riding a motorbike


You’re covered on two wheels, so long as you’re wearing a helmet and the driver holds a valid licence recognised in the country you are travelling.

gadget cover


No doubt you’ll be taking a few gadgets away with you. Our plans provide different levels of cover for phones, iPads, cameras and laptops.

choice of cover


Whether you’re after the bare essentials or fully comprehensive cover, TINZ offers a range of options to suit all types of travellers and budgets.

cruise insurance


Planning a cruise?  We’re on board with you and don’t charge any extra if you’re heading on a cruise. With TINZ, you’re covered from ship to shore.





Get cover for the things you love. Whether you’re travelling in New Zealand or overseas, you're an avid skier, an adrenalin junkie, a gadget freak or a high-end holidaymaker, TINZ has the extra cover you’re looking for.


There are always risks when you travel, even in your home country. Protect your New Zealand holiday with domestic travel insurance and get cover for rental car excess, luggage, personal effects, lost deposits and more.


Looking for ski insurance? Snow problem! TINZ covers a range of winter sports from skiing, snowboarding to heli-skiing & cat skiing. Simply select snow ski cover within the quote insurance


Are your travel plans packed with thrills and spills? Without proper cover, your heart-pounding adventure could leave you with a headache.adventure activities


Are you travelling with a group of friends, school or club? TINZ offers special rates that can save you significant time and money!


Do you have expensive items that you just can’t leave behind? You can add your tech toys, high-end cameras, or designer handbags to your policy as high-value items..high value items


Don’t let a pre-existing medical condition get in the way of your travels.  We cover 35 existing medical conditions automatically for free. You can also apply to cover additional conditions by assessment.




You've been dreaming about your holiday, the perfect break, the dream trip, what could go wrong? The truth is, on holiday, things often do. Perhaps the airline loses your luggage, or you're unlucky enough to get injured or become sick. Either way, taking the time to choose the best travel insurance is a worthwhile investment. Our complete guide to travel insurance has you covered!


It's not just our customers that love us, our travel insurance products have been independently rated with five stars by Canstar.


Cancellation cover can trip up many a conscientious traveller. Keep reading to get the low-down on TINZ's cancellation cover.


Most travel insurers exclude terrorism. However, Travel Insurance New Zealand covers you for cancellation, medical expenses and more. 



We understand that travel insurance can be confusing, here are some of our most common questions.

  • Q. Which is the best travel insurance in New Zealand?
  • There are many factors that go into finding the right policy for your holiday. No two trips are the same, so what is right for you, may not be the best policy for someone else. For starters, you need to think about your holiday and what you want to cover. For example, are you taking high-value items away with you, are you doing any adventure activities, or do you have any medical conditions to declare.

  • Q. Who has the cheapest travel insurance in New Zealand?
  • You may have already realised that travel insurance policies vary dramatically in product choice and price. TINZ has three levels of cover to compare so you can find an affordable policy for your holiday. A Comprehensive policy for a 7-day trip to Fiji can cost as little as $4 a day. A small price to pay for peace of mind. TINZ doesn’t charge you for the things you won't need and have included some extras as standard so that you can confidently travel with spontaneity.

  • Q. How much does it cost for travel insurance?
  • The price of travel insurance really depends on where you’re going, how long for and how many travellers are in your party. A 7-day trip to Australia for one person aged 30 can be as little as $3 a day, a Comprehensive policy for a 3-week trip to the UK for a family of four can be less than $200 *example prices. Prices can increase if you have pre-existing medical conditions, have high-value items or you are participating in adventure activities. Get a quote with TINZ to see how much our cover is for your trip.

  • Q. What does travel insurance cover?
  • A comprehensive policy will cover a range of benefits including overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation, luggage and belongings, family emergencies, travel delays, personal liability and much more.

  • Q. What is not covered by travel insurance?
  • There are certain things that is rarely covered which includes things like lost or stolen items when left unattended, undeclared pre-existing illnesses, epidemics, pandemics and acts of war. All insureds are entitled to make a claim regardless and your case will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Q. Does TINZ cover pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Yes, don't let an existing medical condition get in the way of your travels.  We cover 35 medical conditions automatically for free. Any other conditions need to be declared through our easy online medical assessment. See more information about pre-existing illnesses here.
  • Q. Am I covered for A family emergency?
  • Both TNZ’s Comprehensive & Comprehensive plans cover for additional travel expenses such as your return flight to New Zealand if a relative of either you, or travelling companion requires hospitalisation or dies unexpectedly. (no excess applies)
  • Q. What sports activities are covered by TINZ travel insurance?
  • TINZ gives you the freedom to take that heart-pounding leap - worry free! Our optional Sports & Activities Cover provides you with cover for a range of more adventurous activities not covered under a standard policy. We cover things like cycling, snorkelling (depth limits apply) and water skiing for free. We offer extra cover for activities like canyoning, abseiling, trekking above 3000 meters. See our sports adventure activities page for more information.
  • Q. What is TINZ’s terrorism cover?
  • While many travel insurers exclude cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits in the event of terrorism, under our Frequent Traveller and Comprehensive Plus plans we allow you to cancel in the event that MFAT travel warnings restrict you from travel. We provide $10 million worth of medical cover if you’re injured in a terror attack. Conditions apply. See more information about our terrorism cover here.




Extortionate overseas medical fees, missed flight fails and holidays hurdles - these travel facts
will convince you to never go abroad without a travel insurance policy again!


is what it costs for 14 days of medical treatment in Thailand

missed flight

of travellers admit to missing a flight


Kiwis chose to cruise each year


of travellers say they gain at least two kilos on holiday

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of people fail to protect themselves on holiday