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Travelling is one of the greatest thrills in life and we want you to enjoy the ride without the worry.
At TINZ, we're passionate about providing Kiwi's with the best travel insurance money can buy.
Let TINZ worry about the unexpected stuff. Don't worry, just travel.

10% Off Travel Insurance

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24/7 emergency assistance


At TINZ your health is our number one priority. Our emergency assistance experts are just a phone call away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

cancellation cover


Don’t lose out if you have to cancel your trip. We offer cover for cancellation costs if you can no longer travel or have to return home early due to unforeseen events.

travel delays


Airport delays are a common frustration when travelling. Our travel insurance provides you with compensation if you’re delayed for more than six hours.

terrorism cover


 If you’re caught up in an act of terror, we’ll pay for your flight home, cover medical costs and in some cases provide you with reimbursement for trip cancellation.

riding a motorbike

Riding a Motorbike
or Scooter

You’re covered on two wheels, so long as you’re wearing a helmet and the driver holds a valid licence recognised in the country you are travelling.

gadget cover


No doubt you’ll be taking a few gadgets away with you. Our plans provide different levels of cover for phones, iPads, cameras and laptops.

choice of cover


Whether you’re after the bare essentials or fully comprehensive cover, TINZ offers a range of options to suit all types of travellers and budgets.

cruise insurance


Planning a cruise?  We’re on board with you and don’t charge any extra if you’re heading on a cruise. With TINZ, you’re covered from ship to shore.




Get cover for the things you love. Whether you’re travelling in New Zealand or overseas, you're an avid skier, an adrenalin junkie, a gadget freak or a high-end holiday maker, TINZ has the extra cover you’re looking for.


There are always risks when you travel, even in your home country. Protect your New Zealand holiday with domestic travel insurance and get cover for rental car excess, luggage, personal effects, lost deposits and more.


Looking for ski insurance? Snow problem! TINZ covers a range of winter sports from skiing, snowboarding to heli-skiing & cat skiing. Simply select snow ski cover within the quote process.ski insurance

Adventure Activities

Are your travel plans packed with thrills and spills? Without proper cover, your heart-pounding adventure could leave you with a headache.adventure activities


Are you travelling with a group of friends, school or club? TINZ offers special rates that can save you significant time and money!

Specific Items

Do you have expensive items that you just can’t leave behind? You can add your tech toys, high-end cameras, or designer handbags to your policy as high value items..high value items


Don’t let a pre-existing medical condition get in the way of your travels.  We cover 35 existing medical conditions automatically for free. You can also apply to cover additional conditions by assessment.



Get comprehensive cover all year round. If you’re planning several trips this year, domestically or overseas, our frequent traveller policy could save you time and money.

annual travel insurance annual travel insurance annual cruise insurance

Our annual multi-trip policy covers an unlimited number of trips over a 12 month period. You get the the same level of cover as our comprehensive plus international plan, meaning you get top cover for less. You can tailor your individual trip duration from 15 days up to 90 days.



Want to know more about TINZ's travel cover? We've got you covered. Check out our complete travel insurance FAQs or contact us today.

  • Q. When should I buy travel insurance?
  • The best time to buy travel insurance depends entirely on you and your circumstances, but generally speaking, you should be thinking about travel insurance when you're putting down deposits for flights and accommodation. Once something happens that may cancel or interrupt your trip, it is too late for insurance. If you don't have cover when injury, illness or natural disasters strike, any prepaid travel expenses will be money down the drain. If you purchase a policy with TINZ, you're covered for trip cancellation benefits from the moment you buy.  All other benefits kick in on your policy's start date.

    You can purchase up to 12 months before you travel or ten minutes before boarding your flight. This being said, the sooner you buy the better to avoid not having cover when it counts.

  • Q. Can I buy travel insurance if I’m already Overseas?
  • You sure can - TINZ offers already overseas travel insurance for New Zealand residents who have forgotten to buy cover, or are travelling when an existing policy expires.

  • Q. Does TINZ have an age limit?
  • Our single trip overseas policies have no age limit. Travellers 69 years and under can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 18 months. Those 70 and over can purchase a policy for a maximum trip duration of 6 months.

    Our already overseas policies are only available to travellers 64 and under.

    Our frequent traveller policies are only available to travellers aged 64 and under.

    Our domestic policies are available to travellers of all ages, and up to a period of three months.

    Please note: if you're 80 or older any claims resulting from medical issues have a $3,000 excess.

  • Q. Are all Kids covered for free?
  • TINZ covers your kids for free, with dependants sharing the adult traveller's benefit limits. A dependant is your child or grandchild who is under 19, not engaged in full-time work, and is travelling with you for 100% of the trip.

    If you are travelling with a niece or nephew, or your child is bringing a friend on the trip, or your child is spending any of the trip out of your care, you can list them on the same policy, but they are not considered a dependant. When you're entering in their details, enter them instead as an adult traveller. You can do this on the details page after you get your initial quote. The price will update to reflect the change.

  • Q. How Do I get Cover for pre-existing conditions?
  • TINZ automatically provides cover for 35 pre-existing medical conditions for free, even if you don’t tell us about them, provided that your condition has been stable for more than 12 months, you do not intend to have surgery, treatment or a specialist review and you have not attended hospital for treatment for the condition in the past 12 months.

    If you do not meet the criteria for automatic free cover for a listed condition, or you have another condition which we do not automatically cover, you can apply for cover by completing our quick online medical assessment. This can be completed after you have your initial quote. We'll let you know if we can cover your condition and if there is any increase in the price.

  • Q. Does TINZ COVER PregnanCY?
  • We automatically cover most single pregnancies up to and inclusive of 24 weeks. We'll cover multiple pregnancies (twins, etc) up to and inclusive of 19 weeks. If you've had no complications or pre-existing conditions which a medical adviser has suggested may impact your pregnancy, you don't need to declare your pregnancy with us.

    If you've had complications or have other pre-existing conditions, you must declare your pregnancy via our online medical screening form after you've got your quote. Depending on your circumstances, we may cover you, limit your coverage - maybe hold off on the adventure sports! - or decline your coverage. Either way, you'll get a response instantly, so there's no waiting or guesswork.

    More information on travelling while pregnant can be found in our Pregnancy page.

  • Q. DoES TINZ cover Non-REsidents?
  • You can purchase a policy with us if you are permanent resident visa holder of New Zealand with unrestricted access to travel in and out of New Zealand, and have access to publicly funded health care in New Zealand. We cannot offer cover to inbound visitors to New Zealand, or temporary visas such as working holiday or student visas at this time. For more, see our Non Residents page.

  • Q. Do you cover Non-REsidents?
  • You can purchase a policy with us if you are permanent resident visa holder of New Zealand with unrestricted access to travel in and out of New Zealand, and have access to publicly funded health care in New Zealand. We cannot offer cover to inbound visitors to New Zealand, or temporary visas such as working holiday or student visas at this time. For more, see our Non Residents page.



Travel insurance- the complete guide

You've been dreaming about your holiday, the perfect break, the dream trip, what could go wrong? The truth is, on holiday, things often do. Perhaps the airline loses your luggage, or you're unlucky enough to get injured or become sick. Either way, taking the time to choose the best travel insurance is a worthwhile investment. Our complete guide to travel insurance has you covered!


It's not just our customers that love us, our travel insurance products have been independently rated with five stars by Canstar. Find out more.


Cancellation cover can trip up many a conscientious traveller. Keep reading to get the low-down on TINZ's cancellation cover. Find out more.


Most travel insurers exclude terrorism. However, Travel Insurance New Zealand covers you for cancellation, medical expenses and more. 




Extortionate overseas medical fees, missed flight fails and holidays hurdles - these travel facts
will convince you to never go abroad without a travel insurance policy again!

overseas medical treatment

14 day medical treatment in Thailand costs > $50,000

missed flight

25% of travellers admit to missing 
a flight 

annual cruise insurance

Over 190,000
Kiwis chose to cruise in 2017

holiday weight gain

60% of travellers say they gain at least two kilos on holiday

travel insurance

28% of people fail to protect themselves
on holiday