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Travel insurance & terrorism

terrorism travel insurance


With terrorism now a real and frightening reality in today’s world, it is our goal to provide our customers with the peace of mind they require when travelling.

Tourists planning to visit some of the world’s most iconic travel destinations can do so knowing they are covered should they be directly affected by an act of terrorism.  

TINZ covers travellers who are both directly affected by an act of terrorism during their journey, as well as those that had planned to visit the area in the immediate future. 

What exactly are you covered for?

  • Trip cancellation: While many travel insurers exclude cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits in the event of terrorism, under our Frequent Traveller and Comprehensive Plus plans we allow you to cancel in the event that MFAT travel warnings restrict you from travel.
  • Medical: If you are injured during a terror attack, we provide travellers with $10 million worth of medical cover.
  • Medical evacuation: Should you need medical attention fast, we cover your evacuation costs to get you to the nearest hospital, or fly you home.
  • Alternative accommodation: In the event that you are staying within the vicinity of a terrorist attack TINZ provides travellers with an alternative place to stay.
  • Loss of personal items: Should your belongings get damaged you're covered for any losses of your personal belongings that arise from a terror attack.
  • Death and permanent disability: If you suffer an injury and are permanently disabled or die as a result of terrorism we pay a benefit up to $25,000 under all our policies except for Domestic.
  • Loss of income: If you are injured because of a terror attack and you are unable to work when you get home for more than 30 days, we will pay you $400 per week up to a maximum of 26 weeks.
  • and much more...please refer to our policy wording for more information including full terms and conditions of cover.

what's not covered?

  • Trip cancellation: Your trip must be directly affected by terrorism. You cannot claim for cancellation benefits if your booked accommodation is greater than 2km from where the act of terrorism took place.
  • Travel warnings: We do not cover you if you have already purchased a policy from us for a destination with an "Extreme Risk" warning that were already in place when you bought your cover.
  • Change of mind: If you think your chosen destination is now unsafe to travel, we will not cover you if you decide to no longer go on holiday.

Please read our policy wording to understand when you're covered and when you're not. 

making a claim - what you need to know

To process your claim, we are going to need certain documents and evidence from you.

A terror attack can be a very scary and emotional situation to be involved in. However, as much as you can at this difficult time, remember to gather important documents like medical reports, invoices, purchase receipts and police reports to help you support your claim.

Stay safe

We are firm believers in the spirit of travel and adventure. Our policies have been designed to reflect our customers desire to travel safely and without restriction. Because life's a trip!


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