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Travel insurance is a must have for any holiday, but it’s important to realise that exclusions do apply to your cover.

Unfortunately, holidays don’t always to plan, accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. While travel insurance exists to protect you from these calamities, it’s a good idea to fully understand your policy before you head off on your holiday!

Your policy documentation (known as the Product Disclosure Statement) is the place to look to search for the various definitions and exclusions, but we can appreciate there's  a lot to take in.

So without further ado, we help to explain the 5 most common travel insurance tricks that catch travellers out…

1. not looking after your stuff

Anything that is lost or stolen when it was left unattended and unsupervised in a public place will not be covered by TINZ. This includes leaving your items on display in a car or forgetting your wallet in the back of a taxi. As well, you would not be caught for leaving luggage behind in a hotel or motel after check out, or neglecting to take your items from the seat pocket of an aeroplane post disembarkation. Any valuables you take on your holidays (that aren't locked and secured) should be kept relatively close to you so it cannot be easily snatched or damaged.

2. Being intoxicated and/or reckless

Travel insurance covers the unforeseen, not situations where you intentionally put yourself at risk. So any accidents that happen when you are drunk, or any injuries that happen when you are being reckless (e.g. jumping from your balcony into the swimming pool) would not be covered. TINZ are unlikely to pay claims for accidents when you do not act in a responsible way to protect yourself and your property and to avoid making a claim.

3. Partaking in dangerous activities

Hey there adrenaline junkie - you might be ticking off the bucket list, but before you do so make sure you’re covered as not every high risk activity is covered automatically. To ensure you’re covered for your dose of thrill seeking purchase our additional Sports and Activities cover or Snow Ski cover so you can head off on your holidays knowing you’re protected. There are some activities that we never provide cover for such as riding a moped or motorbike without an appropriate license, or scuba diving on your own below 30 metres. Pay attention to our PDS to understand the general exclusions that apply..

4. Not disclosing a pre-existing illness

Having a pre-existing condition shouldn’t stop you from travelling and seeing the world! However, when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions it is important to note that you may not be automatically covered. Because of this you must be honest about your previous medical history when you buy a policy with us.  At TINZ, we treat pre-existing medical conditions in one of three ways; Conditions automatically covered at no cost, Conditions requiring assessment and Conditions we don’t cover. See our pre-existing medical conditions page for more information.

5. travel warnings

Travel insurance does not cover for travel to countries where the New Zealand Government have advised a travel warning of high or extreme risk. This includes travel to a destination where you were already aware of dangers such as epidemics, riots, act of war and additional dangers already documented within the mass media.

Always read the small print!

Each insurance policy is different and just because the last travel insurance policy you bought covered you for bungee jumping, doesn’t mean that this one does too. The guide just represents a snapshot of typical exclusions that tend to trick travellers. Always read your policy documentation to truly understand what you are covered for. If you’re still unclear just give us a call!

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