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Need cheap ski insurance? Snow problem! Whether you’re shuffling down the bunny runs or tackling a black run, there’s one thing every skier needs—ski insurance. 

You may not realise it, but most basic travel insurance policies don’t include activities like skiing and snowboarding as standard it’s considered “high risk” in insurance land. 

So in order to be covered on the slopes you need to purchase our ‘ski sports pack’ (check name) 

Accidents DO happen

Of course, nobody thinks they’re going to overshoot the jump or fall off the ski lift, but every year New Zealand skiers are involved in pretty nasty wipe-outs. 

Even the best skiers can fall on the slippier slopes. And if the worst should happen, having a solid ski insurance policy could literally be a life saver. 

According to ACC statistics, these are the most common ski accidents: 

  • 70% of accidents involve falls, and most falls happen as a result of loss of control. For example, a skier or snowboarder travelling too fast for the weather conditions or overestimating their ability. 

  • About 10% of accidents are caused by collisions with another person or object. 

  • 5% are lift-related 

Let’s get medical

So you’ve fallen off the ski lift and broken your leg. What next? Well the truth is the costs of expert medical attention, search parties, medical evacuation and an overseas hospital stay add up really fast. 

If you do come to grief, especially overseas, you don’t want to be responsible for all those costs! 

Ski insurance is a comprehensive type of cover. You’ll have access to all the standard travel insurance benefits such as cancellation, lost or stolen belongings, personal liability, theft of cash and more, as well as cover for things such as piste closure and replacement of ski equipment. 

So even if you have bad luck with a poor season or a lost pole, you don’t have to compromise or cut your holiday short. 

What does our ski insurance policy cover?

  • Emergency rescue and medical treatment: If you have a serious accident and need rescue and evacuation, our winter sports policy has your back, plus reimbursement for any unused lift passes, as well as ongoing medical treatment and repatriation to New Zealand (if you need it). 
  • Ski equipment replacement and hire: Taking some particularly dear gear? Lucky for you at TINZ we cover you for up to $1,500 of your own equipment if it gets lost or damaged during your travels. So if you need to hire some additional apparatus, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of replacement hire too. 
  • Bad weather, avalanche or piste closure: The weather can be unpredictable on the slopes. If you need to get to another resort due to bad weather, an avalanche or piste closure, we will cover the cost of any cancelled ski tuition fees as well as any expenses you’ve incurred from delays.

Yikes! You’re not covered for...

Ski insurance is designed to insure the average skier or snowboarder who’s enjoying the slopes, not professionals doing backflips, skiing off-piste and taking all sort of crazy risks. Does that sound like you? If you’re not sure, check out these areas where we will not cover you. 

  • Professional or competitive skiing: We are unable to cover you for any professional sports of any kind where you are racing, in a competition or tournament. 
  • Ski equipment while in use: Your ski equipment isn't covered while you are using it on the slopes. 
  • Out of season: Skiing outside the official ‘season’ is not covered: 1 December and 15 April for travel to the Northern Hemisphere, or between 15 June and 30 September for travel to the Southern Hemisphere. 
  • Out of bounds: You will not be covered for skiing in unpatrolled remote areas or unmarked slopes. (however we will cover you for skiing off piste, within resort boundaries if you are with a professional guide.) 
  • Drinking and skiing: Whatever you get up to après ski is up to you. But if you’ve been drinking before an accident, you’re not covered. You have been warned! 
  • Age restrictions: Snow Ski Cover add on is only available for anyone aged 64 and under. 

Every ski insurance policy is different, be sure to take a few minutes to check our policy wording to understand when you’re covered and when you’re not. 

If you’re looking for a ski insurance policy that’s pure powder rather than seriously slushy, then you’ve come to the right place. Get ski insurance quotes now. Swoosh swoosh! 

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