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New Zealander's love affair with the ocean doesn’t appear to ending anytime soon. Over 190,000 passengers departed by cruise ship in 2017. Kiwis have been significant contributors to the phenomenal growth in cruise holidays says new report from TINZ.

How many passengers cruised in 2017?

New data from TINZ reveals that cruises are becoming an increasingly mainstream holiday choice. More and more Kiwis are choosing to cruise irrespective of age, economic status or life stage.

Where do New Zealander's cruise?

We’re an ocean loving nation with our sights set on exploring every corner of the globe. Combine our passions and it’s easy to see why Kiwis are hooked on cruises.

The numbers say it all; based on travel insurance quotes, trips to the South Pacific islands and Australia continue to soar. For New Zealanders with more time to get away, North America and Europe continue to keep their top spots for long haul cruise destinations.

28% Pacific Islands
25% Australia
10% Domestic waters        
15% North & South America
12% Asia
5% Europe
5% other

How long do New Zealander's cruise for?

Data shows that Kiwis are heading on cruises for longer periods of time (between 29 - 35 days). Results also revealed a small yet significant spike in trips over 100 days in length. However, the most popular itineraries continue to lie between eight and 14 days.

Additional numbers showed that cruises of shorter durations (between three to four nights) are also luring younger and more budget focused travellers.

Most common trip durations for cruising holidays tend to be either 4 days, 1 week or 10 day trips.

What is the typical age of a Kiwi cruise passenger?

Once notoriously difficult to attract, younger, savvier travellers are increasingly factoring a cruise into their holiday plans. Cruising has officially shaken off its staid, old image and is no longer seen as the forte of the ‘newlywed or nearly dead’.

Cruise quotes also confirmed a significant growth in cruise travellers aged 18-25. The increasing numbers of families and working adults tempted by shorter trip durations and cut-price cruises was reflected by a rise in travellers aged 35-45. The predominant demographic for cruising remains around the 45-65 age mark whilst substantial numbers of travellers well into their 70’s and 80’s continue to set sail.

NZ cruise arrivals

What's more, New Zealand's popularity as a cruise destination has skyrocketed in the last few years, with the sector growing five-fold in the last ten years.

In 2016-2017 Australians (47%) made up the majority of international cruise arrivals, followed by Americans (21%) and Europeans (13%). In 2017-18 the season is expected to bring further economic benefits. New Zealand will enjoy a season with upward of 270,000 cruise ship passengers injecting more than $700m into the economy. 

The most common cruise itinerary for New Zealand is trans-Tasman, which typically starts in Sydney, taking two nights to cross the Tasman Sea and then visits Fiordland, Port Chalmers, Akaroa, Wellington, Napier, Tauranga, Auckland and the Bay of Islands before returning to Australia

How much do people spend on the average cruise?

A 112 day round the world cruise on the QE2 from New York to Southampton will set you back a whopping $18,300 per person, and if you’re in the Queen Grill Suites $76,000pp. $134.72 is the average daily passenger spend on a cruise!

How large are cruise ships?

The Harmony of the seas, the worlds largest cruise ship is 1,188ft in length, longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower and has 16 decks!

How many supplies does it take to stock a ship?

To stock a cruise ship for the week requires 46,800 Eggs, 1,899 pounds of coffee, 820 bottles of Vodka, 10,680 hot dogs, 19,723 pounds of chicken, 16,900 cans of soda, 1000 lightbulbs and 1,237 bottles of Whisky, Scotch and Rum. Oh buoy!

Cruise to cover

Oh Buoy! Discovering the world whilst on a cruise can be a truly spectacular holiday experience. Adventure, new discoveries, beautiful destinations and partying at the Captain's table can all be part of life on a cruise.

But, like any holiday, there are risks. With so much time spent on the water, and so much of your journey dependent on various port authorities, the only way to truly relax is to know you’re covered with cruise insurance should something go wrong.



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