Carry on: travel handbag how-to

Travel can pose a million and one decisions your way; where to , where is safe, what to pack and the big one; what is the best type of travel handbag for your holiday? It’s an age old mystery but a combination of comfort, safety and convenience are key- our ultimate safe travel handbag infographic is here to help you find it!




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Zipped up: The best bags for travel 

2,000,0000 Bags are snatched each day from around the globe!

BACKPACK: Most recommended by your chiropractor, the handy backpack makes travelling long distances with your heavy belongings a breeze. Lockable zips and hidden pouches can help to deter thieves.

THE CROSS BODY: For hands free sightseeing, you can’t beat the cross body. Look for adjustable strap lengths too for added relief.

TOTE: The right tote can be a winner in both the style and comfort stakes. Look for lightweight materials that can be easily folded or stashed away.

CLUTCH: It’s only logical: the smaller the bag, the less stuff you haul around. Although a clutch may be the perfect evening party pleaser, an optional cross body strap will add comfort and security.

THE HOBO: As well as being uber trendy, the soft slouchy shape of the Hobo is versatile and the shoulder strap takes strain off the elbow and wrist. Look for extra compartments and a zip closure.

THE BUMBAG: Watch out, the bumbag is about! Designed to be worn low on the hips the bumbag can double as a shoulder bag in a pinch. Safety wise, these beat handbags and are a good alternative to bulging backpacks.

Tag your bag: common items women travel with 

$2,046* Average value of a women’s travel handbag contents!

Sunglasses, Headphones, Kindle/book, Wallet, ipod, Moisturiser, Passport, Eyemask, Phone

Trouble free travel: Handbag do’s & don’ts

461,169 Pickpocketing, bag snatching & shoplifting crimes in Australia between 1996-2010!

Do use fake wallet: Pop in some fake cards, old receipts and minimal cash. Most muggers would accept this as real and run.

Do dine wisely: When dining, keep your handbag in your lap or, if the handle is slash proof, looped tightly around your chair leg.

Do be vigilant: Never hang your bag off a chair, a bathroom door hook or leave it unattended while shopping or trying on shoes.

Don’t combine money Keep your bank cards and cash in separate places so you’re less likely to lose everything in one .

Don’t let it out of sight: Carry your bag across your chest or tucked under your arms, particularly on public transport.

Don’t get scammed: Stay alert in crowds and avoid commotions; they’re usually smokescreens for theft.

Get to grips: Pickpocket hotspots in Europe 

6,000 Bag snatchings happen each day in Barcelona during high season!

Barcelona, Spain

Rome, Italy

Paris, France

Madrid, Spain

Athens, Greece

Prague, Czech Republic

Lisbon, Portugal

Florence, Italy

London, England

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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