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Whilst planning a holiday can be exciting, it can also be a daunting task! With flights, transfers, accommodation and visas to plan, you’d be forgiven if you left travel insurance until the last minute.

The thing is, buying your travel insurance sooner rathter than later is key.  It can also be difficult to get travel insurance when you’ve already departed your country of residence. So where possible, get organised with your cover before you depart home for your holiday. 

If you are a non-Kiwi already residing in New Zealand, TINZ are here to help you find cover.


If you’re not a Kiwi, that’s ok. At TINZ, we don’t mind what country of residence you’re from, as long as you’re a permanent visa holder.

As a permanent visa holder you can purchase TINZ’s comprehensive policy allowing you to travel overseas temporarily, when you meet our following criteria:

Permanent visa holders of New Zealand who:

- Have access to publicly funded health care in New Zealand
- Are travelling in and out of New Zealand on the same visa
- Have a working visa that is valid for more than two years 

NB. If you are on a temporary visa valid for less than two years, such as a working holiday visa or student visa for example, we are unable to offer you cover. Keep reading for more options.

other options for non-residents

Although we don’t provide travel insurance to non-residents on temporary visas, we’ve done the hard yards for you and found a range of insurers that are willing to. High-fives! Whether your holiday is domestic or international, there are options for you...

1Cover's Visitors to New Zealand offers cover for non-residents of New Zealand travelling to, and within New Zealand on a temporary basis. This policy does not cover your return trip to your Country of Residence.

  • QBE's Discover NZ policy provides travel insurance to non-residents travelling within New Zealand who are under 60 years old.
  • Duinsure have two policies: Plan F: Non-Residents (Out Bound) which covers non-residents on a one-way trip back to their home country, and Plan G: Residents (In Bound) will cover Kiwi residents who are currently overseas but are travelling back to New Zealand.
  • SCTI’s Visiting New Zealand policy is open to travellers who are visiting, on a working holiday or living in New Zealand on a working visa.
  • Covermore’s plan I offers cover to non-residents for travel only within New Zealand.
  • Webjet’s plan E provides non-residents with trip cancellation and luggage protection cover.


Zoom Travel Insurance covers skilled migrant visa holders, those on partner/defacto visas, students or those here on working holiday visas.  As long as you are temporarily travelling overseas and at the date your certificate of insurance is issued you are: aged 74 years and under; and hold a return ticket to New Zealand; and have a home in New Zealand to which you intend to return; and hold a current New Zealand visa which will remain valid beyond the period of your journey; and have private health insurance for the entire journey and beyond.

Typical conditions of non-resident cover

All policies may vary slightly, but they’re likely to have a few similar conditions of cover such as:

•  You might only be covered to travel internally within New Zealand
•  Your trip must be temporary
•  For visitors cover, you must purchase cover within a specific number of days of your arrival into the country (normally within 2 weeks)
•  Waiting periods may apply to any medical claims
•  Maximum trips lengths may apply
•  You may not be able to purchase cover if you are eligible for reciprocal healthcare (For instance if you are an Australian or UK resident).
• Pre-existing illnesses are unlikely to be covered
• Age limits may apply

What’s included in your TINZ policy?

•  Emergency medical assistance in New Zealand – cover for injury or illness including hospital stays, surgery, dental, prescription drugs, doctor and dentist office visits.

•  Accommodation and travel expenses cover – should you acquire additional travel and accommodation expenses due to injury or sickness or unforeseen circumstance, you would be covered.

•  Luggage and personal effects – if your luggage is delayed or misplaced  you’ll be covered for any essential items of clothing and other personal items you buy.

•  Cancellation fees and lost deposits – we would cover transport and accommodation expenses if you experience delays or cancellation of your travel plans due to unforeseen circumstances.

•  Personal liability – an amount we pay for legal liability to cover damages that you may cause.

•  Cover for your rental vehicle excess – if you hire a car and it’s involved in an accident or is stolen.

•  And way more…


At TINZ We believe that permanent residents of New Zealand have just as much a right to travel safely and securely, regardless of their country of origin. As long as you meet our required criteria above, we’re happy to offer you cover for your trip.

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