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How to stay fit when travelling

Staying in shape when travelling can be a challenge. You often spend a lot of time sitting, you get thrown off your regular exercise routine, and you aren’t always in control of your food. We show you how to take a break with no added bulges! 

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Destination: weight gain 

Internation cuisine can certainly amp up your calorie count. The following high-energy dishes are worth watching out for...

Hamburger and fries: 629 Cal
Can't resist a classic burger meal? Watch those french fries and say no to a free upsize!

Pain au chocolat: 300 Cal
Indulgent, buttery pastries can do serious damage to your diet. Take a French approach and dine in moderation!

Pizza (whole): 1000 Cal
Italian pizzas tend to be lighter and less greasy than the norm. Select sensible toppings and take ease on the cheese. 

Churros: 234 Cal
These traditional deep-fried, treats dipped in melted chocolate pack a whopping number of calories per serve! 

Mojitos: 242 Cal
The Mojito may well be a legacy of the island of Cuba but a few of these minty numbers can have a weighty impact on your waistline. Opt for low-sugar options when possible.

Ramen: 500 Cal
A bowl of traditional ramen can contain well over the recommended daily intake of sodium.

United Kingdom
Fish and chips: 838 Cal
Opt for a grilled version of this British classic. A battered serve is laden with calories and fat. 

holiday health hurdles 

Exploring the world may be life changing but it certainly doesn’t do wonders for the waistline…

The biggest cause of weight gain? A resounding 4 in 10 blame alcohol, while a further 1 in 6 admitted to lack of willpower and difficulty refusing seconds. 1 in 5 blamed ‘free refills.’ 

60% of travelers say they gain at least two kilos on holiday, 25% put on at least three kilos and 5% put on roughly six kilos or more. Just 10% lost weight or stayed the same. 

44% of travellers say they tend to fall into bad habits while on holidays

8 holiday health helpers

Taking a break from the daily grind? You needn’t suffer a setback. These quick tips will help you stay toned- even when traversing the globe.

1.  Mindful meals: Moderating your portions sizes can help keep you on track.
2. Snack smart: Healthy treats can ward off jet-lag binges.
3. Fit kit: A skipping rope, resistance band and heart rate monitor will keep your workouts in check. 
4. Bag snag: Pick a posture-friendly backpack that won’t weigh you down.
5. Ditch the wheels: A few hours of walking per day can have huge health benefits.
6. Feet first: Comfy shoes are king when you’re on the move!
7. Beat the bloat: Take regular probiotics and drink plenty of water. 
8. Sip smart: Drink in moderation.

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