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    We are unable to provide cover for this trip. Travellers aged over 80 years and over can only purchase travel insurance for a maximum duration of 6 months.

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On the fence and not sure which provider to go with? If you’re toying between
Southern Cross Travel Insurance and TINZ, our handy guide makes it easy to help you find the right cover for your trip.



Deciding which travel insurer to go with is always tough. With so many options in the market, it's hard to be confident that your chosen insurer is right for your holiday. A good way to be sure is to compare a few policies to make sure you are getting the most cover for your money. To help you out, we've highlighted the biggest differences between TINZ & Southern Cross to help you find the right cover for your holiday.  

Cover types: Southern Cross have one plan available called TravelCare, TINZ has three. With TINZ you can choose between Essentials, Comprehensive or Comprehensive Plus to tailor the appropriate level of cover for your trip. Compare our plans to get a feel on the different levels of cover available. 

Cancellation cover: TINZ offers unlimited cancellation cover. If you need to cancel your holiday for a covered, unforeseen sickness, injury or natural disaster (for example) your pre-paid expenses would be covered. Southern Cross offers limited cancellation cover of $2,500 if you need to cancel before your trip has started, however you have the option to pay an additional premium and increase cover to $5,000, $10,000 or unlimited. 

Terrorism cover: Should a terror attack affect your trip TINZ will cover you to cancel your holiday and be reimbursed for all your out-of-pocket expenses. *Conditions apply. Southern Cross do not have any travel insurance benefits relating to terrorism at all. 

Family holidays: Southern Cross provide policies for 2 adults, whereas TINZ allows group of up to 25 travellers.

Pregnancy: If you’re looking for that last minute babymoon, make sure you select the right insurer that will cover you to your gestation limit. Southern Cross covers mums-to-be to 20 weeks (single pregnancy) and TINZ is 24 (single pregnancy).

Riding a bike or moped: Even if you're adequately licensed, Southern Cross do not cover for any form of motorbike riding over 200cc. Whereas with TINZ, if you are fully licensed in New Zealand and the country you are travelling to, we do not stop you from riding a bike of whatever engine size you are licenced to ride.

Visitors: Southern Cross cover non-residents on working holidays, guardian visas, and more, TINZ does not cover any one other than permanent residents of NZ.

Domestic cover: Southern Cross does not have a domestic plan for travel purely within New Zealand.  TINZ's domestic policy covers travellers for trips of up to 92 days domestically at a time.

Already overseas: If you forgot to buy cover before you departed for your trip, you can rely on TINZ's already overseas cover. Southern Cross require you to have a start date and end date in NZ in order to purchase a policy.


(Cover limits shown are per person)

Accidental death $25,000 $25,000
Age limits 100 years No age limit
Alternative transport $3,000 $5,000
Annual multi-trip Limits 30, 60, 90 days 15 or 30 day options (64 and under) Trips must be more than 100k from home
Already overseas No cover Yes available to travellers aged 74 and under
Cancellations before you leave $2,500 Unlimited
Cancellations/changes after you've left $50,000 Unlimited
Climbing 3,000 max altitude, no cover if oxygen or ropes are needed 5,000 altitude
Cooling off period 14 days (if you cancel after cooling off, but before your holiday you will be charged $35 cancellation premium) 14 days
Cruising Automatically covered Automatically covered
Domestic trips No stand alone domestic policy available 3 month policy, no age limits
Dependants Under 21 years Under 19 years
Excess $0, $100, $250 $200, can reduce to $100
Groups 2 adults 25 travellers
Hijack & kidnap No $7,500
Insolvency No No
Loss of income $6,500 (after 90 days of suffering injury, for a maximum of 13 weeks) $10,400 (after 30 days of suffering injury, for a maximum of 26 weeks)
Luggage, theft damage $25,000 $25,000
Luggage delay $1,000 (after 12 hours) $1,000 (after 12 hours)
Medical Unlimited Unlimited
Mopeds, scooters Must buy moped and motorbike cover in order to be covered. Only cover up to 200cc Automatic cover and no engine size restrictions so long as policyholder holds appropriate license in NZ and overseas. You can only ride a 50cc bike if you only hold a driving license
Non-residents For overseas travel if you have a visa which gives access to publicly funded health and disability services in NZ Only cover for NZ citizens or permanent visa holders
Natural events Only cover once holiday has started Covered from the time you buy your policy
One way cover No Only available for one way travel back to NZ from overseas
Permanent disability $25,000 $25,000
Personal liability $1,000,000 $5,000,000
Pregnancy 20 weeks (single, multiple, IVF) 24 weeks (single, IVF) 19 weeks (multiple, IVF)
Repatriation & funeral expenses $15,000 $15,000
Rental vehicle excess $5,000 (no more than 8 people per vehicle) $6,000
Single trip limits 12 months 18 months (under 69 yrs)
Sailing 12 nautical miles Not racing, inside territorial waters
Skiing With ski pack With ski pack
Terrorism (medical) $100,000 Unlimited
Terrorism (trip cancellation before you've left) No Yes, if one week before you are due to travel  the NZ government upgrades it’s travel advisory warning to advise against travel
Theft of cash $1,000 $250
Underwriter Southern Cross Benefits Limited Trading HDI Global Specialty SE - New Zealand
Unrest, riots (before you leave) No Yes
Unspecified items (laptops, tablets, cameras) $3,000 $3,000
Unspecified items (all other items) $1,500 $1,000
Visitors to NZ Yes No

Travel Insurance FAQ's

  • Q. Who are tinz?
  • The founders of TINZ are pioneers of the online travel insurance industry and have been selling insurance for 20+ years. All TINZ travel insurance plans are underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE – New Zealand.  A global company who provides a broad range of insurance solutions in more than 175 countries. We at TINZ, are a passionate, energetic breed with a deep understanding of insurance and travel patterns. We understand that everyone has a unique journey with varying needs. Which is why our products have 3 levels of cover to choose from with optional extras that allow you to tailor your insurance to your trip.

  • Q. How much do TINZ policies cost?
  • TINZ prices are competitive. We’re passionate about providing the best travel insurance that money can buy. We only charge you for extras, meaning you can get more cover for less. Get a quote at the top of the page to get a specific quote for your holiday.

  • Q. CAn i cancel my policy?
  • We have a money back guarantee! You can cancel your policy for any reason within 14 days if haven’t started your journey. You will receive a full refund. No questions asked.

  • Q. Can i tailor my cover to my needs?
  • Whether you’re after the bare essentials or fully comprehensive cover, TINZ offers a range of options for all types of travellers & budgets. You can add on extras after you’ve left the country. You can even extend your policy from overseas if you’re having too much fun.

  • Q. what if i have a medical condition?
  • We automatically cover 35 pre-existing medical conditions for free.  We also cover many more conditions, assessed on a case by case basis. Complete our medical assessment during the quote process to see if we can cover your condition.