Auckland Fuel crisis

Travel insurance information for TINZ policyholders relating to the airport fuel crisis in Auckland starting on 17th September 2017.

auckland airport fuel crisis

Issued: 19 September 2017

We are aware that some flights in and out of Auckland have been cancelled or delayed due to the fuel shortage at Auckland Airport. Fuel supplies have been rationed and airlines are looking to refuel in Australia and elsewhere to keep long-haul services running.  The following information concerns policyholders whose pre-paid travel arrangements have been affected by this event.

If you purchased your POLICy BEFORE 10AM (NZST) ON 17TH september 2017:

If you have been affected by the fuel shortage, there is cover for you to claim for any costs associated with re arranging your travel plans. This includes any costs incurred by you in rearranging connecting flights and/or altering any pre-paid accommodation and booking arrangements.

We will reimburse you the lessor of:

(a) the total value of your unused, prepaid travel costs; or

(b) the total value of your confirmed and reasonable additional alteration costs.

You should contact your travel provider in the first instance who may be able to assist you in keeping your additional costs to a minimum.

You will need to seek reimbursement directly from your airline for any loss associated with your original flight from or to Auckland affected by the fuel shortage.

Claims will be assessed in accordance with your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and your Certificate of Insurance. Your cover will depend on the type of plan you purchased and your particular circumstances.

If you purchased your POLICy after 10AM (NZST) ON 17TH september 2017:

Our policies do not cover claims for losses caused by something that you were aware of at the time of purchasing your policy. If you purchased your policy after 10AM (NZST) on Saturday 17th September 2017 we would expect that this was done with an awareness of the current Auckland Airport Fuel Crisis.  For these policies, we will not pay any claim arising from or in any way connected with flight delays, cancellations or disruptions caused by the fuel shortage.

You will still be covered for other unexpected events according to the terms and conditions of your policy.

Next steps you should take:

Contact your airline or travel provider you booked with as you may be able to rebook your arrangements without extra costs.

Take all reasonable steps to mitigate your out of pocket expenses, particularly when altering your trip arrangements. By reasonable we mean appropriate and consistent—for example if you have been using two star or budget accommodation on your trip to date, then we advise that the replacement accommodation you seek should be of a similar standard.

This advice should be read in conjunction with your Product Disclosure Statement.  If you have any further questions, or wish to make a claim, please contact us at [email protected].


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Auckland Fuel Crisis

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Flights in and out of Auckland have been cancelled or delayed due to fuel shortages at Auckland Airport.

Auckland fuel crisis

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