Ultimate guide to COUPLES HOLIDAYS



1. introduction

A change is as good as a holiday right? In fact, more and more evidence tells us that the opposite may be true; a holiday can undo a myriad of problems in the time it takes to get through the latest self-help book. We've been told that our busy lives are causing us to feel disastisifed and exhausted, causing our relationships to fizzle and fail. But what if all it took to bring the fire back was the chance to prioritise our other halves; to spend more quality time together and simply chill out from life's daily stressors?

Our couples holiday guide was created to emphasise the importance of a little R&R in our relationships. The guide contains advice for couples looking for a little holiday inspiration; survivial tips for your next ski trip; unforgettable ways to pop the question; some handy helpers on planning a wedding abroad and some pointers on keeping your couple's escape safe and trouble free.

If you're contempleting a trip away for your and your significant other read on to discover some sure-fire ways to ignite the flame.

benefits of couples holidays

It may seem like a quick fix, but studies really have found that regular holidays make us happier and more satisfied in our relationships. And the time spent away doesnt have to be extensive. A study conducted by Uk-based travel service provider Headwater Holidays found that husbands and wives are happiest in their relationships when they take a short break away together twice a year.

What's more, a large-scale study by Booking.com has found travel has been found to be a bigger 'happiness' boost than major relationship milestones like getting engaged, tying the knot or even having a baby!

Whether it's the idea of 'getting away from it all' or the chance to focus purely on one another, it seems that couples on the brink of a break up or even just wanting to rekindle the flame can find no better therapy than a plane ticket somewhere warm and tropical.

Need more reasons to book that relationship recusitiation? Keep reading!


destinationYou'll get to reconnect

How often do you get to really talk, discuss your innermost feelings and share your deep concerns and anxieties? A holiday clears off your schedule and forces you to spend some much needed quality time free of all the mundane chores and trivialities of day to day life. Quite often this is exactly what disconnected couples really need, and a holiday provides you with a no-excuse barred opportunity to remind each other just why you got together in the first place.

destinationTime for romance

Do your regular conversations revolve around grocery lists, cleaning rosters and garbage disposal reminders? It's no wonder that the sheen may have worn off your once ravishing romance. When life becomes less about dinner dates and more about the daily grind it's essential to find some time to truly enjoy each other's company. Walks on the beach, time by the pool and romantic cocktail dinners can both revive your senses and your relationship to boot. 

destinationfind the fun

Being an adult can come along with plenty of stressful demands so it's easy to remember just to have fun and enjoy each other's company. Holidays encourage us to participate in enjoyable activities together which can both lift our spirits and distracting us from any problems and pressures plaguing us back home. 

destination more to give

Too often we're taught to believe that being responsible adults means focusing our energies on kids, work and outside commitments rather then our partners. However, some truly committed time alone together won't just rejuvenate your relationship, you'll most likely return with increased motivation, happiness levels and the ability to give more to those around you. 





reviving the spark


A hedonistic holiday for two can be the perfect way to get the fiery passion back on track. TINZ brings you 6 hot travel tips to revive your relationship on your romantic trip!


couples holidaysADRENALINE SPIKERS

Remember that feeling when you first met and couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Scientists attribute that mad lust to spikes in dopamine; a chemical responsible for those heart-racing, adrenalin-soaring, nerve-jangling feelings. One school of thought argues that simulating those feelings with your partner, whether that be through a first-time sky dive, mountain climb or roller-coaster marathon, can pump all those feel-good chemicals back into your relationship. So the next time you find yourself plotting a romantic weekend away, remember, adrenalin leads to action!


couples holidaysDARE TO BARE

Perhaps the thought of exposing your rude bits to the world makes you cringe, but getting your kit off can reap great benefits to you and your relationship. Baring it all together can help to ramp up the adventure in your relationship and encourage you to test your sexual boundaries. You can start small, by hanging around the house in your birthday suit, to gradually working your way up to visiting a (gasp) nude beach.


couples holidayscome out swinging

Now this one may not be your cup of Ginko Biloboa but if you consider yourself open-minded then hear us out. Couples who have opened up their relationships have reported greater levels of desire for their primary partner as well as improved levels of sexual satisfaction. Whilst navigating the parameters of an open relationship can be tricky, a visit to a swinger’s resort, whilst you’re already in a holiday state of mind, can be a great way to ease your way in.


couples holidaysscintillate your senses

whilst you may not be ready for public nudity and swing clubs; there are less extreme ways to get your rocks off. Mixing it up doesn’t have to involve new partners but rather a variation in what you’re used to. A sex show, strip club or even a burlesque performance can help to build up that sexual tension so you can then focus it back on each other.


couples holidayseat your heart out

Like to work up an appetite? It may not be news but foods such as seafood, strawberries and sweets, have long been said to contain certain erotic powers. Oysters in particular contain testosterone and libido boosting properties that make them an Aphrodisiacs delight. Chocolate of course, should be a no-brainer on your love menu; its mood enhancing effect and sensuous texture (body paint anyone?) can’t help but make you feel good. Although the science behind these supposed seducers have been disputed, there’s certainly no denying the power of suggestion. Even strong cynics can agree that a change in mindset can be just the ticket to put you in ‘the mood.’  


couples holidaysamorous adventure

Craving a little exposure? Why not take your love life out… of the bedroom that is. Research reveals that women in particular are more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour on holidays. Trying out fresh and daring locations can be thrilling, particularly when you’re already in a new and exotic destination. Breaking up your routine and putting some thought into the logistics of your outdoor romp can give you a rush of euphoria before you’ve even started. Just be wary; the thought of getting caught can be exciting but being arrested for public indecency is another matter. Discretion is the name of the game! 







3. destination inspiration

booking injections


Perhaps you're a top-end twosome, who's idea of a roughing it is a four-star hotel. Or maybe you're an outdoorsy, adventure sports- loving pair who dream of climbing Everest; luckily, there's no end of great destinations for couples to explore. Whether romance is the name of the game or you’re keen to get your adrenalin on, the following destinations may be just the ticket:


  • sydney
  • Sydney

    You don't have to travel to the other side of the earth to ramp up the romance. A short flight to Sydney for a long weekend is sure to send the senses sizzling. See a show at the Opera House, sail on a yacht in the harbour, climb the Harbour Bridge or dine on world class fish & chips by the sea. You'll be spoilt for choice with a weekend escape in the city of sun, fun, sea and surf.

  • Paris


    They say Paris is the city of love, and for the ultimate foodie foray, you can’t beat Paris; the city for romance… and gastronomy. From crêpes to croissants, Paris is home to the type of cuisine sure to spark a carnal appetite. Whether you climb the Eiffel Tower, watch a show at Moulin rouge or head up the hill to quaint Montmartre. Paris is the perfect place ot reinvigorate the romance.


  • NZ
  • Malborough Sounds, NZ

    Looking for a combination of wine and adventure? Explore New Zealand's famous wine trail and take a romantic ride around the region. The tranquil touring route takes you off the beaten track to discover five of New Zealand’s most scenic areas, accompanied by some fantastic flavours, beautiful surroundings and lots of fun!

  • mauritius

  • mauritius

    It doesn't get more magical than Mauritius. Lovebirds on honeymoons and couples' retreats flock to the island nation of Mauritius, dotted in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa. This tranquil island offers starry-eyed lovers long empty stretches of beach and blankets of green forest providing the dreamiest of views. #bucketlist

  • cape town
  • capetown

    If you're keen on sea, sun and spectacular wines, then Capetown has it all! The South Peninsula is filled with idyllic sunset spots harbouring backdrops of majestic mountain views. Whether on a yacht sipping sparkling wine, galloping through the forest on horseback, or conquering action sports, South Africa's vibrant capital will bring your relationship back to life!

  • fiji

  • fiji

    If you’re planning a picture perfect proposal at sunset, a wedding vow renewal on your own private beach, a memorable anniversary, or simply a romantic holiday ‘just because,’ Fiji has everything you could dream of for your getaway. Located in the South Pacific islands, Fiji's lush greenery, pristine beaches, impossibly blue waters, and breath-taking expanses of nature create the perfect escape for pure romance.


4. SKI holidays for couples

ski couple holidays


You know the feeling. Your ski-mad partner has begged and pleaded. You’re at the end of your tether and resistance is futile. 
It’s finally time to succumb to that dreaded ski trip. If you’re a never-seen-snow beginner, or get the shakes just imaging those slippery slopes, you’ll understandably feel apprehensive about the idea. But if you’re willing to take the leap, adrenalin alone won’t keep you steady. We show you how to master the mountain, without sending your sanity off-piste. 


It’s back to school time…ski school that is. Your partner may be an expert but with precarious sports like skiing comes added risks. Even with all the right intentions, a lesson from a loved one can go sour and a mid-mountain meltdown won’t do much for your relationship or technique. Learning with a trained teacher will make a dramatic difference to your confidence and abilities (and it’s far cheaper than a divorce)!


skiresort report

Your piste-head partner may be gunning for long days out on the slopes, but when you’re just grasping the snowplough, you’ll need alternative activities to ease you in. The Remarkables and Cardrona have great options for food and wine connoisseurs while Queenstown's village vibe offers beginners endless après ski offerings plus free outdoor concerts.


skitake it slow

Whether you’re skiing or snowboarding, beginners should take care not to go in over their heads. The most common ski injury claims tend to be from inexperienced skiers. Often they’ve pushed themselves too hard, tackling runs beyond their ability. In short, if you’re not ready for a black run, don’t try it! 


skicomfort is key

Facing your fears while braving the elements is no easy task. Keeping warm is a must. Accept that you may not be winning any ski-wear fashion shows just yet (ski gear doesn’t come cheap) and invest in some good quality thermals, a warm jacket, gloves hat and goggles. Apres ski boots are essential for keeping your tootsies toasty along with well-adjusted ski boots. The rule of thumb here is that these should be tight, not cutting off your blood supply.


skiweather the storm

Accept that as a beginner, you will fall. A lot. Provided you’re not going too fast, you’re unlikely to hurt yourself. Take the beginner runs as many times as your need to feel comfortable. And if glacial conditions are putting you off your technique, there’s no crime in taking a well-earned break by the fireside. Take note as well that ski insurance can pick up the tab for any pre-booked lift passes or lessons in the event of bad weather, illness or injury. 


skiHave fun

When all is said and done, hitting the white stuff with your Significant other shouldn’t be an exercise in torture, regardless of your contrasting ability levels. Just the opposite; taking on the challenge should be an exhilarating experience that bonds you closer. Avoid the pressure to take runs beyond your ability and set meeting points so you can both ‘do your own thing’. Take in the fresh alpine air and celebrate your wins. At the very least, that post-mountain mulled wine never tasted so good!





5. popping the question

popping the question


Are you planning on popping the question on your holiday? A marriage proposal can be a truly life-changing moment, so it's a good idea to be prepared. Finding a unique, creative, romantic way isn’t always that easy. We help you with some ideas on how to pop the question on your holidays.


  • It doesn't have to be an extravagant proposal to make your moment magical. Shock value when your other half least expects it can be one of the best ways to ask. Whether your surprise them with a ring first thing with their cup of tea, or you wait for a walk on the beach to go down on one knee, the element of surprise will make it all the more special.

    Having loved ones in on the act can be a fun way to seal the deal. A group of friends holding a 'WILL YOU MARRY ME' placard can make the proposal all the more special. Having friends and/or family involved means more memories to share along with photographic evidence of your magical moment. Lights camera action!

magic by moonlight

A romantic evening stroll along a private beach, ending in a private dinner is a simple yet heart-melting way to make sure your loved one says 'I do'. Even better when staff are in on it and are able to help you strategise the perfect proposal before dessert arrives. Bon appetit!

Sing it

For a truly memorable proposal have a choir, brass band or drum line show up for a surprise performance of your fiance-to-be's favorite love song . For a really personal touch, ask the performers if they can incorporate your fiance's name into the lyrics.

AT 35,000 FT

Hello this is your captain speaking. How about joining the mile high club?....the marriage proposal one that is. Proposing over the loudspeaker system at 35,000 feet (with flight crews' permission of course) will get your holiday off to a flying start....should he/she say yes of course!


When you're on the beach, build a sandcastle together (at a safe distance from the ocean!) and when your partner isn't looking, drop the ring on the highest tower and drop down on one knee. Prince perfect!


Wordsmiths will delight in this romantic spin on a well-loved boardgame. On the plane, by the beach or when chilling round the pool, suggest a game of scrabble and write the words "marry me" mid way through the match and see how long it takes them to notice :)

mAKE SURE YOU Insure the bling!

If you are planning on popping the question, it's important to make sure you have protection for the ring. At TINZ, we are only able to cover an item of jewellery for up to $1,000. If you need more cover than that we would suggest insuring your rings under your home and contents policy.




6. destination WEDDINGS

booking injections


Fancy getting married in Mauritius? Looking to swap nuptials in Nice? Perhaps you’d just like to tie the knot somewhere hot and balmy. Regardless, when it comes to overseas weddings, modern couples are spoilt for choice. Destination weddings have seen huge growth in the past few years with plenty of couples opting to take their big moment abroad.  

However, whether you’re dreaming of swapping your nuptials on a secluded coastline or a historic landmark it’s important to safeguard your special day. Destination weddings can be sensational- or highly stressful- depending on your perspective. Certainly, there are bigger stakes when you are far from home.  Illness, bad weather, lost or stolen items or an unexpected vendor cancellation can be disastrous no matter the context. But when you’re a million miles away from home, even a minor misadventure can spell mayhem.  

As far as wedding insurance goes, you’ll be covered no matter the distance. Whether you’re tying the knot in sunny Santorini, balmy Bali, or right around the corner, you can have peace of mind that should the worst happen; you’ll be ‘all white.’  Wedding insurance may not have occurred to you- after all, you’ve had a lot to think about. But an insurance policy will cover you for the following host of predicaments: 

  • cancellation
  • Cancellation or postponement 

    It’s every bride (and groom’s) worst nightmare, but even the best laid plans can go awry forcing you to cancel or postpone your wedding day. Perhaps a fierce storm has destroyed your wedding venue or an immediate family member has fallen ill out of the blue. Should the unthinkable happen, you will be covered for additional expenses to reschedule the wedding and reception within 45 days from the original date. 

  • wedding dress

  • First in best dressed 

    As you would most probably know by now, your wedding dress is both an emotional and financial investment. Months of deliberation and heartache have gone into finding just the right gown, so doesn’t it deserves extra protection? Wedding insurance would cover the cost to repair or replace the wedding attire and accessories of the bride, groom, a member of the bridal party or an immediate family member.


  • destination wedding
  • the bridal bling

    Errrr who has the rings? Those shiny investments are a crucial part of your ceremony and they can carry a pretty hefty price tag to boot! Should your rings get damaged or go missing you’ll be covered to reimburse or repair them up to the covered amount.  

  • wedding car

  • wedding wagon

    They say the bride should be fashionable late, albeit with intent. On the other hand, a mechanical meltdown is the last thing you need on your happiest of days. Should catastrophe strike down your Cadillac at the 11th hour you will be reimbursed for any non-recoverable deposits and the cost associated with arranging alternative transport. 

  • present
  • gifts

    You’ve spent time carefully collating a gift registry and can hardly wait to unwrap your goodies at home. Imagine your horror to discover they’ve disappeared. Or perhaps your card box has been raided and your wishing-well drained of its funds. It’s an unpleasant truth but many an unsuspecting couple have had their gifts swiped by an innocuous wedding crasher or staff member. Luckily, wedding insurance will cover for loss or damage to your gifts due to accident, fire or theft.

  • camera

  • vendors

    Like it or lump it a flaky supplier or last minute vendor cancellation could see you facing the red. Imaging your caterer goes bust or your photographer comes down with the flu. You can breathe easy knowing that if a supplier fails to deliver their contracted services, you'd be covered for the deposits you’d already paid – and for any extra costs involved for arranging an equivalent replacement. Phew!  



7. travel insurance for your trip

travel insurance


You don't have to be getting hitched on your holiday to justify trip protection. No matter whether you're driving to Dunedin or flying to Florence it's important to be protected on your couples holiday. Even if you're planning a relaxing Bali beach break, unexpected holiday hurdles can happen to anyone anywhere. If you're not convinced on the importance of travel insurance, keep reading...


  • medical
  • Medical emergencies

    Falling ill or being injured while travelling can be a nightmare experience and a huge financial drain to boot. For instance hospital fees in the United States can reach up to $10,000 a day whilst emergency transport home can cost anywhere up to $300,000. Travel insurance would cover the cost of medical treatment if you become ill or have an accident abroad.

  • cancellation

  • Cancellation of your travel plans

    From time to time people are unlucky enough to have to cancel their trip or return home due to illness, an accident or the death of a close relative. The last thing you need in this instance is the anxiety and financial burden of securing a last minute flight and recovering any lost deposits.

  • luggage
  • Luggage & belongings

    Too often travellers can have their trip soured by a case of lost or delayed luggage or damaged or stolen personal items on their holidays. Insuring your treasured possessions is always the smart approach, when it comes to covering your high value belongings when you travel.

  • personal liability

  • Personal liability

    Although this would not cover you for car accidents, personal liability assists you if you accidentally cause damage to a third person’s property and were held accountable for it. Phew that’s a relief! 




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