Travel Insurance for INDIA

Planning to eat, pray or love in India? With a melting pot of cultures spanning millennia, this is a country you must see to believe. TINZ's India travel insurance covers you for cancellations, injuries, family emergencies and more. Scroll on down to learn about this popular travel destination, including visas, getting around, and the must-see spots to make your trip to India unforgettable.

emergency assistance

24/7 Emergency 

Your health is our number one priority, so our expert emergency assistance team are available 24/7.



If you fall ill or natural disaster strikes and you have to cancel, we've got your back policies have you covered.

travel delays


Delays can be frustrating (and expensive!). TINZ's Comprehensive policies cover those extra expenses while you wait.

family emergency


Had to rush home or cancel due to a family emergency? No sweat - we’ll cover your lost deposits.

rental vehicle excess


Whether it's a fender bender or stolen, our Comprehensive policies include $6000 in excess cover.

gadget cover


Taking gadgets on your India trip? We'll cover laptops and cameras up to $3000, and all other items up to $1000. 

longer cover


India is a big place! If you want to see it all, don't worry - with TINZ, you can be covered for up to 18 months!


cruise cover


Seeing India from the sea? At TINZ, cruise cover is automatically included at no extra charge.

India traveller's guide

Heading to India? Our travel experts let you in on the must-know tricks for making the most of your holiday. Keep reading to find out tips on vias, attractions, where to eat, how to get around... and way more!

India Travel Insurance Best

India Visa New ZealandVISAS

Tourist travel to India from New Zealand requires a visa. For trips of less than 30 days, Kiwis can get a Tourist Visa on Arrival (TVOA e-Visa) online here. You need to apply at least four days before you intend to arrive in India, but we'd recommend doing it earlier. It costs $60USD per person, including children.

You will need:
- A passport with at least six months validity with at least two blank pages.
- Two passport-sized photographs.
- A photocopy of your passport.
- A return ticket/proof of onward travel.

These rules can change quickly, so be sure to get in contact with your nearest Indian High Commission or Mission.

Best Time to Visit IndiaBEST TIME TO VISIT

Most travellers agree that the best time to travel to India is around October to March. July to September is monsoon season, when steady downpours slowly roll across the country.

While skiing is an unfamiliar sport to most Indians, there are a number of world-class mountains in the countries north, including Gulmarg. The best time to hit the slopes in December to January.

India Travel TipsNEED TO KNOW TIPS

More than 60,000 children disappear in India each year, and many of them are taken by traffickers for begging. In order to increase their profits, they often starve, maim, or drug child beggars. Despite your best intentions, giving money or gifts can fuel this despicable trade. Even with children who have not been kidnapped, giving money can destabilise family dynamics and incentivise non-attendance of school. While it might be difficult at the time, consider giving to a reputable NGO which works with Indian children instead.

Looking to avoid Delhi Belly? Do not drink the tap water, and avoid ice cubes, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Make sure your childhood vaccinations are up to date, and make sure you're vaccinated for Hepatitis A and Typhoid, which can be easily passed through contaminated food and water. If you're travelling in rural areas, particularly between May and October, ask your doctor about Japanese Encephalitis. Your doctor can also give advice as to whether your itinerary would recommend anti-malarials

Getting Around IndiaGETTING AROUND

With so much to see, many people get around via domestic flights on one of India's five main airlines - Air India, GoAir, IndiGo, Jet Airway and SpiceJet. The upside is that you can escape hours (or days!) of travel in comfort at 35,000 feet. The downside is that you miss out on the magic of looking out a train or bus window in such a stunning country.

In the big cities, taxis and auto rickshaws can be your go-to for getting around. Ask a local what the price from one place to another is before you get in a rickshaw to save yourself the 'tourist tax'.

The rail system connects virtually the whole country together. With a wide range of classes - from hard second class seats to air-conditioned first class bedding carriages - there is an option for every comfort level and budget. You can book through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website, which can be cumbersome and glitchy, or register there and then book your tickets through a private site like Clear My Trip. For convenience, consider an Indrail Pass. They cover all booking fees and fares for half a day up to 90 days. If you're only travelling short distances, you probably won't get much value from it, but it can come in handy when trying to get a seat on a what appears to be a full train, as passholders are eligible for tourist quota seats.

The bus stations can be frenetic place to be, especially if you only speak English, but they will get you to the places the rail network might not. If you're booking with a travel agent, ask them to book your bus tickets in advance. Otherwise, consider online booking sites like or (which also have mobile apps).

If you're a woman traveller, you can access women-only station waiting areas, carriages, and even whole floors of hotels, which are available in various places throughout India.

 India has been born and reborn scores of times, and it will be reborn again. India is forever, and India is forever being made.

  - Shashi Tharoor, writer and politician

What to Eat IndiaWHAT TO EAT

Vegetarian? India has one of the lowest meat consumption rates in the world, so there is plenty of choice for the meat-disinclined! You can eat almost everything here!

Breakfast: why not try a popular Panjabi-style breakfast - Chole Bature - a fluffy fried bread served with a thick chickpea curry. You should be able find it on almost every food street, but it's particularly easy to find in the north of the country.

Snack: Doughnut lover? You'll love Vada Pav. Lentil or wheat batter is fried into shape, and often eaten with a sweet chutney. 

Lunch: Baingan Ka Bharta is the tastiest eggplant you're ever going to eat! After roasting, the eggplant is mashed with roasted vegetables, mixed with spices and served with flatbread.

Dinner: for the appetiser, look out for Dahi Vada - lentil dumplings dipped in yogurt with a spicy and salty tamarind chutney. Think India is all about curry? Why not try Uttapam, the Indian take on pizza! Stuffed with onions, tomatoes, lentil sauce and chutney, this is one to look out for.

Dessert: Rasgulla dumplings are made from paneer (a cheese that sits somewhere between cottage cheese and tofu), and are served chilled in a sugar syrup. Yum!

Where to Go IndiaWHERE TO GO

The popular trip for many is the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, then back again to Delhi for some last minute shopping before they head back to the airport.

Bustling Delhi is a modern metropolis, yet brimming with medieval wonders. Mughal-era Indo-Islamic monuments, including the Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Humayun's Tomb. Head to Chandni Chowk, a bazaar of food carts, spice stalls and eclectic local wares for lunch.

Not many first-timers to India miss the the breathtaking Taj Mahal in Agra. While you're in the neighbourhood, check out ancient fortified city, Fatehpur Sikri. A former capital of the Mughal empire, the city is an Indo-Islamic masterpiece, but was left abandoned shortly less than twenty years after it was built.

Good luck finding anywhere so full of splendour as the old or 'Pink City' (thanks to the rosy hue of its buildings) of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This city is full of majestic fortifications, vibrant bazaars and palaces that aren't just historic relics - they're people's homes. Modern Jaipur however can be crowded and polluted, so why not get out of town to see the spectacular Thar Desert dunes, the Brahma Temple in Pushkar or Jodphur's blue desert city.

Looking to get off the beaten track? Check out Kerala. Popular for houseboats and local homestays, it also has incredible hiking in the Western Ghats mountains. For the best beaches, avoid restort central around Kovalam, and instead head north to Malabar.

India TravelNEXT STOP!

Planning on heading elsewhere on your trip? Whether you're saying 'Hey!' to the USA, or you're chilling in China, TINZ's got you covered.

India travel insurance FAQs

Travelling often means stepping out of your comfort zone, especially in a bustling place like India. Flight delays, medical misadventures, missed connections and lost luggage can put a freeze on your travel plans! Make sure you're covered for a range of travel disasters regardless of destination.

  • Q. Do I need medical cover while I’m in India?
  • With the pace of India, it's no surprise that accidents can happen, so protecting your health (and back pocket!) with travel insurance is a must! With travel insurance from TINZ, you have unlimited coverage for any medical misadventure, and access to a 24/7 team of medical experts who can help consult (or translate) to make your stay in hospital smoother - we'll even fly you home to New Zealand if it's safe for you to travel. 

  • Q. How do alcohol and drugs affect my cover?
  • When it comes to alcohol we understand that for some, there’s no better way to kick off a holiday than with a poolside cocktail (or two). However, we would exclude any claims involving drugs/or alcohol. Please note this exclusion is only applicable if it was your intoxication that resulted in the claim. Refer to our Policy Document to see a full list of exclusions.

  • Q. Am I covered for ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES IN India?
  • Yes. At TINZ we cater for those who enjoy thrill-seeking activities. We cover a wide range of adventure activities such as hiking, rockclimbing, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, kite surfing, canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting, stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing and more.  Please refer to our Sports & Activities Cover for a full list of covered activities. This outlines activities requiring an additional premium and activities automatically covered for free.

  • q. Which activities are excluded?
  • We don’t cover outdoor rock climbing, hang-gliding, boating in international waters or any kind of professional or competition sports. For a full list of excluded activities please refer to the Policy Document.

  • Q. Do you cover sKiing in India?
  • Snow problem! With our Snow Ski add-on cover, you're able to ski or snowboard at any resort (provided it's open!) for on-piste activities, or for off-piste as long as you're with a licensed instructor. 

  • Q. would my SLR camera, engagement ring or laptop be covered?
  • It depends. We will pay up to $1,000 for standard individual single items and $3,000 for personal computers, video recorders or cameras. If you have an item that exceeds that, you can insure it separately up to $5,000.  You are only able to cover an item of jewellery for up to $1,000. For more information on insuring specific items during your travels, please refer to our high value items page.

  • Q. Are kids covered for free?
  • All of TINZ's travel insurance policies cover kids at no additional cost. Your child is eligible if they aren't in full time work, are under twenty one (19) years, travelling together with a parent or grandparent for 100% of the holiday, and are named on the Certificate of Insurance.




Do you visit India often? Or is it just one of the places you're visting this year? Save time and money by getting a frequent traveller trip to cover you you all year round.

frequent traveller annual multi trip annual cruise cover

Our annual frequent traveller multi-trip policy covers an unlimited number of trips over a 12 month period. You get the same level of cover as our comprehensive international plan, and can tailor your individual trip duration from 15 days up to 90 days. Please note this policy is only available for customers under the age of 64.



Get cover for the things you love for your holiday to India. Whether you’re an adrenalin junkie, a gadget freak or a high-end holiday maker, TINZ has the extra cover you need.


Are you a brave soul hiring a car in India? With TINZ, your rental vehicle excess is automatically covered on all policies (excluding Essentials), up to $6000. So whether it's a fender-bender or completely stolen, you can park your worries with TINZ.


Heading to Gulmarg? Snow problem! TINZ covers winter sports from skiing, snowboarding to heli-skiing & cat skiing. Simply select snow ski cover within the quote insurance

Adventure Activities

Are your India travel plans packed with thrills? With TINZ's adventure cover, heart-pounding adventure won't leave you with a headache.adventure activities


Are you travelling to India with a group? TINZ offers special rates that can save you significant time and money!


Expensive items that you can’t leave behind? Add your tech toys, high-end cameras, or designer handbags to your policy as high value items..high value items


Don’t let a pre-existing medical condition get in the way of your travels.  We cover 35 existing medical conditions automatically for free. You can also apply for instant cover for additional conditions via our online assessment tool.