Multi trip cover

If you love to travel and treasure convenience, it may be time to get a multi-trip policy!

Annual multi-trip policies offer non-stop nomads convenient cover – safeguarding you no matter where, or how often, you travel . Whether you favour a local staycation or a no-stops barred trip abroad, a multi-trip policy has you covered. However, not all frequent traveller policies are created the same. Read on to find out more.

What’s the catch? Know your trip limits!

It’s a truth of life that every holiday has an end date and the same applies to an annual multi-trip policy. Frequent traveller insurance will cover you for an unlimited number of holidays within 12 months but individual trip duration restrictions apply.

Whether you’re more of a quick trip trekker, or a laid back explorer, with TINZ you can easily tailor your individual durations from 15, 30 or 90 days per trip.

Compare frequent traveller policies

No matter what your next 365 days of adventure entails we’ve got a frequent traveller policy to suit you.

Unlimited 15 day trips in a 12 month period
Is this the one for you? With just over two weeks to play with each time you head away you can easily take a few sourjourns to Sydney, do that overdue trip to the barrier reef or even soak up the sun in south east asia – and it’s all covered by one policy.

Unlimited 30 days trips in a 12 month period
Hey big spender! Planning on taking a whole month off, plus a few weekend trips thrown in for good measure? With a 30 day frequent traveller policy at your fingertips the world is your oyster as they say!

Unlimited 90 days trips in a 12 month period
Wowee, you’ve got a three month break, lucky you! Surely it’s time to travel Europe or visit the big apple? Take advantage of your unlimited extended breaks and globetrot!

Will a multi-trip policy save me money?

In the right circumstances, a multi-trip policy can offer you decent savings. If you find yourself taking more flights than hot dinners, you can save big time by purchasing annual travel insurance rather than a single trip policy each time you jet off. You don’t even need to tell us each time you away either, double win!

What if I need to make multiple claims?

The beauty of a multi-trip policy is its name - it provides cover for multiple trips, meaning you receive the same benefits each time. So a claim for laptop theft on your European ski trip should have no impact on a lost luggage claim at your end of year Caribbean cruise. Nevertheless, whatever you claim for will become a known event, meaning you won’t be able to make a claim on an item or illness that your policy has paid for on a previous trip.

which activities am i covered for?

Buying a frequent travellers policy requires a fair amount of foresight. Do you know which activities you may want to take part in over the next year? Who knows, in a few months’ time you may have summoned up the bravery for that bungy jump. Check which activities are covered and see if you need to purchase additional activities or winter sports cover.

When does my policy start and end?

Your policy will be valid for 12 months after your chosen start date. It’s best to purchase your policy as soon as you’ve booked your first trip so you are eligible for any cancellation benefits.

What if I develop an illness during the course of the year?

If you have developed a medical condition in between the time you purchased your policy and before you depart for your first trip this condition will not be classed as a pre-existing condition. You simply must have a letter from your doc saying you are fit to travel.

However, when it coems to any future trips your new illness will be considered a pre-existing condition and unfortunately we won't be able to cover you for it. 

Can I buy a frequent traveller policy at any age?

Our frequent traveller policy is only available for customers under the age of 64.

Ok, I’m ready to buy. What’s next?

Are you ready to take the multi-trip plunge? Step this way for multiple getaway cover all in one neat, easy policy!

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